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Large spaces nestled in nature, wide beaches and accommodation units enhancing private spaces away from mass tourism: the Camping Lacona Pineta have got everything it takes to meet current needs and implement all the necessary measures for you to enjoy a quiet and safe holiday in a 3-star tourist village. 

The Camping Lacona Pineta fall within the particular tourism sector known as “open-air tourism”, and this definition exactly identifies our strengths: the true value of our villages lies in its large spaces nestled in nature and in the sea.

Here you will not find buildings or hotel rooms, but individual units, spaced out from each other, and a variety of outdoor entertainment areas and services for customers. 

Exactly because of these features, these places are perfect, especially at such a time as we are experiencing today, when we are still afraid of moving away from hour home but strongly wish and need for a beach holiday with our family.

In order to enable guests to enjoy a safe stay without yet giving up on wellness and fun, which are the essence of a “camping holiday”, all the large entertainment areas and services will be organized and modulated to guarantee well-defined individual (or family) use..

The following pages provide a detailed description of how to use our services and enjoy a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

You are kindly requested to read the points carefully and use each service responsibly, as this will ensure your and all the other guests’ safety.





Although you may already be familiar with the prevention measures provided by Health Authorities, we shall inform you and make you aware of their timely application. It is here worth mentioning the 3 cornerstones of prevention:

  • to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 metre
  • to frequently wash hands with water and soap or use sanitizing gel
  • to wear a mask in public open spaces

Guests are kindly requested to respect these simple rules of conduct, as well as all the procedures and methods of use of our public areas and services.
All the necessary information will be available at the check-in desk and on the signs inside the village






The procedures will be aimed at avoiding gatherings and minimizing the time spent in the reception area. 

- before arriving, guests will have to send all the information necessary for registration and a copy of the identity document of the head reservation, which will then be shown on arrival;

- upon checking in, guests will show their original identity document to prove their identity and authorize charging on their credit card or do the payment with our other methods.

- access to the counters will be through lanes with delimited interpersonal distances and spaces for an orderly wait without creating gatherings;

- group leaders or head of families are requested to act as the only intermediaries for the check-in procedure and for all the other direct contacts with the reception desk.



3. ACCOMMODATION UNITS and our pitches


Our Chalets are individual and well spaced from each other. Nestled in greenery, these light units have an extremely low environmental impact and are built with eco-friendly and insulating materials like wood.

Our Bungalows will be structured in order to guarantee distances and be able to enjoy their own and separate outdoor spaces.They are provided with a fully equipped kitchen, 1 or 2 bathrooms, 1 or 2 bedrooms and a large furnished terrace where to enjoy lunches, dinners, and relaxing moments with family and friends in total privacy. Their accommodation capacity ranges from 4 to 8 people, for large families and groups of friends.

The already high health standards normally applied at the village will be further enhanced by using sophisticated, cutting-edge sanitization products and techniques in every context, including accommodation units, common areas, toilet facilities and pools, in accordance with the provisions established by the Healthcare Authorities.

Comfort, privacy and hygiene in the Camping

Camping Lacona Pineta News

For privacy lovers and for the ongoing health emergency, our camping offers comfortable family toilet, which are exclusive use bathrooms.

They are located by the hygienic services block point out in the maps and include: WC, shower and sink.

The private bathroom can be only book in accordance to a pitch reservation and for the same period. For those that are coming without any kind of reservation, it’s possible to book it on the spot, depending on availability.

Final cleaning is included, daily cleaning shall be carried out by the guest with their own cleaning products.

The cost is Euro 4,00 per day.

Hygienic service block will be sanitized in accordance with Tuscany region and Government protocols.





The waterpark is the most amusing and attractive place, especially to children, but it is also the most crowded area in the village.

Thanks to constant cleaning and sanitization of the water and the pool surfaces, our swimming pool will be an enjoyable place for our guests, to be however used responsibly in compliance with the safety regulations, and subjected to constant close monitoring by our staff.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to accept all the procedures that will be implemented, because they are aimed at safeguarding your health and safety.

  • Access to the pools will be limited and regulated within the limits of the permitted capacities..
  • Given the multiple access routes to the swimming pools, separate entrances and exits will be created, manned by our staff, in order to avoid gatherings.
  • Distances between the people must be respected at the pools and on the slides.
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas will be placed by our staff at an adequate distance (individually or grouped by family), and this layout must be respected for the entire time of use
  • The outdoor showers can be used by one person at a time, without creating gatherings while waiting, respecting the safety distances.

The quality of the water will be checked rigorously every day, and sophisticated techniques, including sterilization and chlorination means, hot water high-pressure cleaners and disinfectants, will be used for sanitization.





The beach affiliated to the Camping has such dimensions and characteristics as to allow the implementation of all the necessary safety measures and enable guests to enjoy pleasant and healthy days at the beach.

At the entrance to the beach you will find the reception desk of the bathing establishment where you can rent equipment (sun loungers and umbrellas, etc.). You are recommended to reserve the weekly rental of sun loungers and umbrellas in advance.

There will be entrance and exit routes for people to move to and from the umbrella, respecting the safety distances.

The umbrellas and sun loungers for each family will be placed at a safety distance in relation to the access and bathing paths.

The outdoor showers can be used by one person at a time, without creating gatherings while waiting, respecting the safety distances.  




Camping Lacona Pineta is willing to welcome you with a series of activities conceived, revised and organized in new and original ways, with the aim of involving you, amusing you, making you feel good and exciting you! 3 are the key points of the new organization:

  • Where?... in our large outdoor spaces!
  • Who with?... with a team of professional entertainers and sports instructors!
  • Why?.. because we feel like having fun, doing exercise and “socializing” - although in a new way!



The bars and restaurants are organized in such a way as to ensure a quality service in compliance with all the safety regulations.

To this end, it will be necessary to work upon reservation. Therefore, our guests are kindly requested to book their table at the restaurant of their choice and, if possible, avoid showing up on the spot without having notified of their presence in advance. This way more service shifts can be organized at lunch or dinner and the room will be prepared in such a way as to ensure safety distances.

The restaurants are equipped to provide takeaway and delivery service to guests’ accommodation units, to be reserved and ordered by phone or app (more information on the service will be available upon arrival at the village).





The minimarket will be used the same way as you are already doing in your town: flows, entrances and exits will be regulated and the use of masks and gloves will be compulsory.

Flows, entrances and exits will be regulated and the use of masks and gloves will be compulsory at the shops as well.





Guests will be able to practice sports activities 1-1 or 1 family group against another family group: beach volley, table tennis, petanque, volleyball, canoe and stand up paddle.

It’s recommended that everybody use their own sports equipment when it’s possible.

Camping’s equipment (table tennis, canoe, stand up paddle ) will be sanitized after each use.

Free bike




The Village is equipped with a series of facilities to offer guests as much health assistance as needed, such as a medical and outpatient service available several hours per day


Since early diagnosis is one of the cornerstones of the correct management of the SARS-CoV-2 disease, we take the liberty to briefly remind you of some symptoms that, far from alarming you, deserve medical monitoring, which the Management will see to offer you.

The main symptom is fever, which can occur both with a slight rise (below 38°C) and with values above 38°C. Therefore, any feverish rise deserves attention, especially if associated with coughing or hard breathing.

An unusual feeling of tiredness, a decrease or loss of taste and/or smell are also symptoms to be taken into consideration.

In a smaller percentage of cases, the disease can occur with conjunctivitis or diarrhoea. Although these conditions are attributable to other often trivial diseases, it is appropriate not to neglect their diagnostic significance.

Should you experience the symptoms listed above, you are invited to contact the Management. We will guarantee our presence and help, while respecting your privacy.

We wish you a pleasant, longed-for and well-deserved holiday!

We are here for you, and to give you all the assistance you need.

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