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Camping Lacona Pineta - Het vakantiedorp voor uw vacature op het eiland Elba

Apartments on Elba Island

Besides all the internal accommodations, Camping Lacona Pineta offers also 2 external apartments.

The apartments are fully furnished and provide all the amenities you may need. Each apartment, with its own features, allows the guests to spend a great holiday combining privacy of a private accommodation with socialisation and amusement of a tourist facility.

The apartments are a property of Camping Lacona Pineta and for this reason guests will have free access to all the services provided inside the campsite: swimming pool, playground, covered car park, entertainment, restaurant, market, etc.


Apartment Mare

Apartment Mare is located outside the campsite and it is only 20m away from Lacona Beach. The recently built apartment is at the ground floor and includes an annexed fenced portico...

from €90per night


Apartment Mare Lacona

The apartment Mare Lacona is located outside the campsite and is only 20 mt. from Lacona Beach. Recently renovated, it is located on the first floor, outside ...

from €76per night


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Belangrijkste services

  • Zwembad
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Mini markt
  • Wasserij
  • Parkeren
  • Wifi
  • Fietsverhuur
  • Huisdieren toegestaan

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