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Camping Lacona Pineta - Het vakantiedorp voor uw vacature op het eiland Elba

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Booking Protection:

Ensure your holiday at the seaside!

Booking Protection Allianz will allow you to enjoy your holiday with no thoughts.

Finally it’s time for your holiday and even if your mind is already on vacation, you could experience an unexpected event that doesn’t allow you to leave for your deserved holiday.

With Camping Lacona Pineta you can protect your deposit or your early payment. This is a big advantage that allows you to program your holiday without any worries because in case of cancellation, late arrivals or early departure you’ll get a refund.

You just need a click to receive a free quotation for your holiday insurance. Please find here below more information about this service.

Booking protection

"Booking Protection" is an insurance policy to protect your holiday from every kind of unexpected events, involving you or your relatives at home.

Type of insurance

"Booking Protection" is an insurance policy that guarantees the reimbursement of expenses sustained in case of cancellation, late arrivals or early departure. The insurance applies in the event of: illness, accident of the guest or his/her relative, problems in reaching the campsite.


Starting from 5% for the payment of the entire amount of the stay or 7,5% for the payment of the deposit.

How to buy Booking Protection

Click link and fill the form with your details.

Now you just have to book your holiday on Elba Island with the insurance “Booking Protection” to have a great stay with no worries

Insurance Deposit Insurance Total Stay

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