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Camping Lacona Pineta - A village for your holiday on Elba Island

Assicurazione Vacanza Campeggio

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Safe Formula will allow you to enjoy your holiday with no thoughts.

Finally it’s time for your holiday and even if your mind is already on vacation, you could experience an unexpected event that doesn’t allow you to leave for your deserved holiday.

With Camping Lacona Pineta you can protect your holidays in case of no show, early departure or late arrivals

What’s this?

"Safe Formula" is an insurance policy of Europe Assistance that protect your holidays from any kind of unexpected events: illness or accidents involving you or your relatives at home, problems in reaching the campsite and best of all, even Covid 19

When is the refund of the penalty in the event of trip cancellation expected?

It occurs for sudden or unforeseeable reasons at the time of booking that they directly affect the insured, a family member, an insured traveling companion other the pet, the Partner / Co-owner of his company.

Is there coverage in the event of Covid-19?

Yes, the policy provides for travel cancellation coverage caused by Covid-19. you can apply for travel cancellation insurance when you need to cancel your trip a follow-up of positivity from Covid-19 ascertained by reports with positive results (swab) that it has directly affected the insured and / or his cohabiting family members or a travel companion.

Is there coverage in the event of a certified Quarantine?

Coverage is provided if following a positive or doubtful serological result and / or while waiting to undergo a diagnostic test (swab) it is not possible to undertake the travel.

The quarantine is therefore covered in the event that (you, your child / spouse / partner d travel / cohabitant) you have come into contact with a positive case of Covid and subsequently to a first (serological) test with a positive or doubtful result, you are waiting for a certain test. In this period of time, you or your family who were supposed to leave, you can't why you are waiting for diagnostic tests (which could also be negative) but now the departure date cannot be respected.

How to buy Safe Formula

Book your holiday through Camping Lacona Pineta reservation department, ask for Safe Formula and follow our instruction to ensure your holidays on Elba island.


It’s free with the prepayment of the total amount of your reservation.

Now you just have to book your Holidays with us with no thoughts!

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